Fashion – Seeing Red

Osman Autumn Winter 2017 head to toe red
It’s time for Pantone’s hit Summer 2017 colour, Greenary, to make room. There’s a new shade in town. Whether you choose tomato, scarlet, fire engine or crimson, red is without question, THE hottest colour of autumn/winter 2017.
Luckily, a classic red lip or a set of perfectly manicured red nails is always a popular choice that never goes out of style, but this seasons red trend is taking things to a whole new level of fandom for the bold primary colour. Got a red coat? You’re already ahead. Red day dress? Great. Red shoes and bag? Amazing. Now put them all on together and you’ve nailed it.
Colour blocking, or wearing a single colour head-to-toe, is nothing new and has been creeping in for a couple of seasons – think Gigi Hadid in that full blushed pale pink ensemble. But now, things have got serious and this look is about as bold as dressing for the masses comes.

Gigi Hadid head to to colour
Going red can absolutely work for daytime too. I mean, can you Imagine strutting into the office in this ASOS flame red suit? Fierce, springs to mind.

ASOS Red Trouser Suit
Admittedly, it’s not for the timid. You will get comments; ‘That suit is very red.’ Hmmmm observant. And maybe even a rendition of Chris De Boughs Lady in Red curtesy of Dave, the office ‘comedian’ who has been wearing the same selection of lilac shirts since 2002. It’s ok, every office has one. You are not obliged to take heed of his sartorial opinions.
Embrace the attention, smile and forge on with being totally fabulous in the confidence only shades of vermillion can give. 
Not quite ready for head to toe? There is, of course, always the option to play it safe and incorporate the colour into your wardrobe in a subtle way whilst upping your fashion credentials. Maybe a red scarf, bag or even pair of tights can effortlessly update even the most conservative of outfits. 
But, whoever wanted to play it safe? Give in to temptation and adopt the one tone dressing with pride. I guarantee, You will not regret it. Oh, and don’t forget the red lippie too 😘


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