Things I’ve learned from my pixie cut

Thinking about going for the big chop? Read on for my experience of going from bust length hair to a short pixie bob and what to expect when take the plunge.

Finding the right stylist is essential – take a zillions pictures of styles you like but also (more importantly) what you don’t like. Don’t worry about what colour the hair is in the pics, just focus on finding styles that are close to the texture and thickness of your own hair and the length you are looking for at the key areas of your mop ie. Crown, neck, sides and front/fringe. Talk to your stylist and make sure you are happy that they understand the look you are after. Ask about their experience of cutting short hair. Some love cutting short hair while others prefer cutting longer styles.

pic –

Some people won’t like it
– In fact some will active discourage you against cutting your hair, however if you’ve made a firm decision that you want short hair then who cares what anyone else thinks, right? It’s your hair to do with as you please. People will voice their opinions though, some quite bluntly, so be prepared. You will here things like ‘Oh where has your beautiful long hair gone?’, ‘I like it but I prefer your hair long’, ‘you’re soooo brave’ and the best one ‘You’ve had your hair cut!’. Observant. But, you will also hear just as many tell you how much they love your new look and tell you, you look amazing. Listen to the latter.

post trim bus selfie

I wake up looking like Bart Simpson
– there’s sexy bed head, like I used to get when my hair was long, then there’s now. Generally, my hair resembles Jack Nicholson in one flew over the cuckoos nest when I get up. A quick shower or a spritz of water then dry shampoo normally tames it pretty sharpish.

early morning bed head

It take just 5 mins to blow dry!
– This is by far the most enjoyable part of styling short hair. I no longer have to stand there with my head upside down for 20-plus minutes to get my hair dry. 5 mins with a small round brush and its done.

hairdryer lust – Dyson

But it does require more product & finishing
– I have had to discover styling products to give my style volume and staying power. I use a mousse (any old one will do IMO) before blow drying, a gum and hair spray to finish the look. I nicked a VO5 gum from my son, which I rub into my hands, work into my roots and shape my style into place. Then give it a good spray to weather/life proof it to face the day. Sounds a faff but it takes about 2 mins, promise.

Regular cuts are a must
– My hair grows insanely quickly. I just went 5 weeks in between trims and my pixie was fast developing into a Pat Sharp mullet. I can’t really go more than 4 weeks so you’ll need to factor in the cost to your monthly budget. Gone are the days I would chop into my waist length locks myself. 

that mullet

You can still look feminine
– my fashion style can be a bit tomboyish at times so I’ve had to rethink how I style myself to suit my new hair. I still love an androgynous look, but soften it with feminine touches in my makeup, jewellery or accessories. It is still possible to go full out glam too. How pretty does Anne Hathaway look on the red carpet whilst rocking a pixie?

Anne Hathaway short hair

Short hair is cool. Have fun with it – play around with styles. My pixie bob is cut in a way that I can part it on either side, tuck it behind my ears, flick it high or pin the front back into a rock star quiff. I’ve developed a few favourite ways to wear it depending on whether I want to look smart or edgy. Don’t be afraid to with it and try out different looks. Own it!

kelly osbourne looking super cool with short hair

It hasn’t transformed me into Emma Willis. Or Ruby Rose for that matter – Regardless of how many pics I pore over online and show my stylist, she is not a plastic surgeon or miracle worker. Understand that your hair [and face!] will never be exactly like any celeb picture. But it will be you! Your individual style to suit your features, facial structure, hair texture and style. Enjoy.

emma willis & ruby rose hair inspo

Claire ❤️


  1. I’m inpsired. Might take the plunge next week 😬 I’ve just gone from dark to platinum so why not chop it all off too. I’m feeling I might be entering midlife crisis zone… now which tattoo 🤔

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