Would you wear it in real life? Two tone lips

Would you wear it in real life? Welcome to my new regular blog spot where I take on the lastest in catwalk beauty or insta-trends and test them out for real, day-to-day living. I mean, would you wear it on the school run; to Tesco; for a work meeting??? I’ll detail how to work the trend and whether it really is a look I’ll wear again or even add to my permenant make up CV!

Today’s beauty trend is two tone lips! I’m a tad [a lot] excited. Why choose between your two favourite lipsticks when you can wear both together! This super fun trend has no end of possibilities. 

Don’t limit yourself to similar toned lipsticks, why not experiment with clashing colours, matte and gloss finished or even an extreme dark & light shades of the same colour. Have fun finding your favourite combo.


I know what you’re thinking – Won’t the colours bleed into each other during the day when I eat/talk/rub my lips together?? Well this is where that old 90s favourite comes to your aid. Remember good ol’ Lipcote? The lipstick sealing secret will be your best friend when rocking this look. It will fix your colour firmly in place. Great for matte or semi-matte shades, not so great for gloss finishes. I’m still thinking on a solution on that one.



my two tone lips bubblegum pink & coral red

 I chose matte shades to take on this trend, with a bubblegum pink on my top lip and a classic coral red on the lower. Play around with which shade you put where, but as a general rule, put the lighter shade on your thinner lip to make your pout look bigger.

Reactions: I really loved rocking this fun look! I wore it during the day and didn’t feel as selfconscious as I thought I would. Maybe some people didn’t even notice (either that or they thought I’d made a mistake and were to polite to say!). From those that did notice, the comments ranged from ‘Cool lipstick’ to ‘did you know your lips are different colours?’. Undeterred though, I will definitely wear this again, particularly for a night out with something cool and edgy to wear. Will be experiememting with more colour combos too.Total hit!

Claire 💋


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