Aldi Lacura Renew Multi Intensive Serum Q10 – First Impressions

So, I’m a big fan of Aldi’s Lacura Face Care range. It boasts high tech ingredients but at a fraction of the cost. Just like when buying medicines, why pay more for high end brands when the lower priced products include the same active ingredients? Essentially, when buying the higher priced offering, you are paying for the expensive advertising campaigns and packaging they use to lure you in. I’m not saying you don’t get what you pay for, sometimes that is true. But I always think it’s worth trying lower end products that mirror the active ingredients of those with a higher price tag. You may just be surprised.

After previously tried Lacura Hyalouronic Activator Serum and been super impressed (click here for blog post), I decided to try another of the serums from the same range.  Lacura Renew multi intensive serum with Q10 promises to help smooth skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines leaving the skin radiant, healthy and youthful. 

The 50ml glass bottle is simple yet sturdy and the pump works perfectly. The serum itself is a cream like gel with a scent that reminds me of oil of evening primrose with a hint of Vaseline Intensive care lotion – specific, I know. Ha. It’s floral and quite a heavy scent which I will need to get used to. The serum goes on like a dream, soaking in quickly and leaving a nice glow but not at all greasy. I can instantly see my skin is more plumped up after applying and feels way more hydrated than some other gel-like serums I’ve used before. I even need to use less moisturiser because my skin is less parched. 

With prolonged use, Lacura says the serum will improve facial contours and noticeably reduces the appearance of fine lines. If their other products are anything to go by, I believe them!

The science: Coenzyme Q10, peptide complex and Aquarich. But what does this mean for your skin? Coenzyme Q10 is a key player in your skins ability to produce collagen. After the age of thirty, skins levels of Q10 reduce, affecting the skins elasticity and tone. Next in the cocktail of skincare ingredients is Mimox, a peptide which helps to prevent damage to skin cells and assists in the synthesis of all important Hyalouronic acid, as it means the skin can retain moisture more efficiently. Finally, we have Lacura’s Aquarich, which is a supercharged moisturising complex of black oats, provitamin B5 and macadamia nut oil. Put these advanced ingredients together and we should be left with younger looking skin in no time.


left hand after applying serum – skin looks plump and smooth
right hand with no serum – skin looks dehydrated

£3.49 reduces to just £2.99 for a massive 50ml.

Claire ❤️


  1. Am I still able to purchase this product .
    I went into the Lytham St Anne store and there were none there .I made enquiries and asked when would it be in and were yo still selling this product…Nobody knew the answer .
    Was told it is probably discontinued .I hope NOT .thisis a 5 * product
    Please let me know .Thank you


  2. I decided to try the Q10 serum and it has made my skin feel awesome. I have previously used the likes of Juvena, Estee Lauder etc….and Lacura Q10 serum deserves to be up there with the top ones. I am 57 but have been told that I look much younger than that.Thank you Lacura.😊


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