Thursday Top 5 Autumn Brown Lips

I’m not waiting any longer and I don’t care if it’s still 20’C, as far as I’m concerned it’s autumn now and that means autumn lipsticks. Finally! Browns, plums, dark moody reds. Think the rich hues of the crispy leaves you kick down the road with your box-fresh, suede over the knee boots. September is my favourite month and although a self confessed sun worshipper, I look forward to the end of summer as marks the start of a new year for me. I tend to live with my year running on the academic calender from September through til August, rather than the traditional Janurary to December. Why? As a fashion addict, September means fresh beginnings, new trends, amazing new coats and pondering my new season wardrobe whilst flicking through a fashion mag. When I say pondering, what I actually mean is meticulously planning every purchase and outfit to OCD precision and when I say a fashion mag, I mean the gargantuan piles of glosses that have over taken my home since the year 1994. 

I digress. This post was supposed to be about lipstick. Brown lips have made a major come back and long gone are the memories of 90s ladettes wearing brown eyeliner as lipliner, filled in with a frosty taupe. Attractive I know. Some of you may be young enough to not remember this terrible faux pas. Thankfully, time has moved on and Kylie Jenner is now the poster girl for the modern brown lip look. This time around, keep it matte as you dare and always, always match your liner to your lipstick. 

Here’s my favourite 5 brown lipsticks I’m currently using:

Left to right:

The Dark Brown – Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick Nude Collection in 48. Deep, purple based brown. The paler my skin gets, the better this looks, which makes it a perfect winter lip colour. This season I’ll be wearing this with a black slip dress and velvet choker.

The Nude Brown – Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Mink 671. Too dark for a nude, not light enough to be a true brown. This is a suits all skin tone colour that’s super creamy and comfortable to wear. It’s the safe choice if you’ve not attempted Browns before.

The Brick Brown – No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Shiny Conker. Reddy brown with a hint of gloss. I swap my coral reds for this shade once the big coat comes out.

The Matte Brown – Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte in Marvelous Mocha. Insanely matte, this is a trend setters brown. Really flattering shade and lasts for hours even after eating and drinking. Wear with a camel coat and a suitcase of attitude.

The Pink Brown – I ❤️ Makeup lip Geek (by Make Up Revolution) in Kiss 2 make up. The budget choice, at £2 this is a solid pinky based brown – a shade that belongs in every lipstick wardrobe (yes, owning more than 50 odd lipsticks warrants renaming it a ‘wardrobe’. Don’t judge me). Needs reapplying lots though.

Before I go, here’s my new Bitmoji I created a few days back. Pretty cute huh?! 

Claire ❤️💋 


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