A Colossal Thank You

Yesterday I hit 500 followers for my WordPress Blog The Beauty Hound. Just, Wow! What a milestone my little beauty and I’m so proud and thankful to you all. I started this blog as I loved reading other bloggers opinions on make up and skincare. My friends know I am always bending their ear about the latest cult product or my bargain buys, so I wanted to put my views on products I’ve tried  out there to a wider audience. 

In writing this blog, I’ve also developed a voice and tried to keep my posts authentic by giving honest reviews and tips. The beauty blogging community and beauty fans are so supportive. I find blogging relaxing, exciting, therapeutic and rewarding in so many ways. I’ve loved every minute of writing posts for you all so far and can’t wait to getting to know the next 500 followers too!

Other ways to get beauty news and reviews from Claire @ The Beauty Hound:

Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/beautyhound/

Twitter @beautyhoundblog

Instagram @beautyhoundblog

YouTube Beauty Hound

What’s been your favourite Beauty hound blog post? 

Claire πŸ’‹


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