Saturday afternoon hair & beauty haul

Nothing pleases me more on a Saturday afternoon than wondering aimlessly around a shopping centre, purchasing hair & beauty products just because. Actually, that is a lie. There is one guilty pleasure that pleases me more – eating a naughty Macdonalds double cheeseburger. Alone. I am clearly the literal translation of ‘living the dream’. 

There was, in truth, one goal to my frivolous shopping trip. To purchase the cocktail of hair products required to transform my pedestrian brown hair to an altogether, probably unachievable shade of dusky pink. I am, in the eyes of my pre-teen daughter, far too old for such fashion led colours but I’m doing it anyway. If the colour fails to live up to my expectations, I will have at least succeeded in what is every parents given right – to embarrass and generally humiliate said child.

dusky pink hair goals

It goes without saying that whilst I was shopping for the hair colour, I picked up a few other treats for myself too. Obvs. 

L’oreal Preference Infinia colour in Viking 9.1 light ash blonde £6 boots. Will be part of my pink transition- will do a full post the full pink process once I’m done.

Colour freedom semi permanent in pink pizazz £6.99 superdrug. As above.

Smart beauty non-permanent colour in lilac haze £2.99 savers. As above.

Make up revolution lipstick collection in rebel with cause £1 superdrug. Just a ridiculously beautiful colour.

Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox charcoal mask £2.99 boots. All time fave detox mask.

Sleek highlighting palette in solstice £9.99 boots. Replacement for one I smashed.

Super cute Flutter Dog-slash-biscuit note book £1 superdrug. Just, well, hello?! Dogs and biscuits! 

Cotton wool cosmetic pads £1 Poundland. Standard.

Morrisons Pain au chocolat 30p. Currently being inhaled whilst I write this  with obligatory strong mug of Yorkshire tea.

I’ve just realised how much crap I’ve eaten today. Oh well, it is the weekend. So, hardly last of the big spenders with this haul, but still a satisfying one all the same. 

Happy Saturday darlings ❤️



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