Getting sheetfaced!

If I could name just one of the biggest beauty trends of 2016, it would be the sheet mask. Inspired by Korean skincare, these serum soaked tissue masks are a supercharged treat for dehydrated skin. 

I’m currently using Garnier’s Moisture Bomb tissue mask weekly,  for a much needed injection of radiance and hydration. It’s doing a pretty good job and sheet masking is definitely something I want to continue adding to my skincare routine.

The mask itself is bulging with serum which feels a little slimy on the face at first, but once you peel of the blue protective layer and adjust to the contours of your face it becomes much more comfortable to wear. 

I’m not overly sold on the fragrance. Although not offensive, it’s a bit ‘synthetic fruits’. I guess it is trying to mimic the pomegranate extract, which is on the list of ingredients, presumably for its antioxidant properties. Also on the list, is [my fave] hyaluronic acid, which helps the skin retain water for a plumping effect. And, lastly, plant serum in the for of witch hazel serum, to help with suppleness. A good, solid mix of ingredients for a mask that is only £1.49 (£6.45 per month, if used once a week). 

So, after applying to cleansed & toned skin, I soak in the bath, leaving the mask to work for 15 minutes. I does start to slide a bit as its so heavy with product so I have to keep adjusting it which is a tad annoying. 

Once done, there is always tonnes of serum left on my face so the packet does suggest it can be rubbed into the skin. I go one step further though and squeeze out the excesses from the mask and massage into my face, neck and décolletage and leave for a further 5 mins before wiping off. I don’t like to waste a drop! 

After use, my skin looks plumped and glow-y, if not a little sticky. But this goes quickly after applying my usual moisturiser. Do note, I did once use one of the masks before going out and my foundation did flake a bit when I applied it, so now I use the mask at night before bed. See below for my sheet mask top tips And crazed sheet mask selfie where I slightly resemble some sort of chipmunk.

sheet mask selfie

5 top tips for using sheet masks

1. Ensure skin is fully cleansed before using. Double cleanse if you have the time.

2. Rinse off your cleanser and use a toner. This will remove any last residue from cleansing, leaving your skin in the optimum state to soak up the serum.

3. Take the 15 minutes to do something relaxing like having a bubble bath, read your favourite magazine or meditate

4. Follow up with a night cream containing hyaluronic acid for a double hit to your skin

5. Ensure you use a high SPF on your face the following day. Hyaluronic acid can increase skins sensitivity to the sun.

Enjoy ❤️

Read more about my Korean inspired skincare routine here


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