Nivea Post Shave Balm – Primer On Trial

I was foolishly hanging on to put this, much raved about men’s product, to the test. You see, I already have four different primers on the go. All unfinished, all not quite working for me. I have the type of combination skin, that seems to result in the most disappointing make up slide you can imagine after (what feels like) five minutes. 

Every time I try a new primer, I genuinely believe it will be the one that allows me to go through my day without needing a touch up and reaching for the matte powder compact, that is surgically attached to my handbag. I dream of smooth, shine free skin and a fuller purse, from buying less product. So far, none of the primers I have tried had lived up to hype of keeping your make up in place all day.

Maybe that’s why a delayed in try the hot, beauty hack of the moment – Nivea Men Post Shave Balm. Maybe I didn’t quite believe it would be really that much different than the zillion high street primers available. 


Today, I put it to the test. And quite a challenge it was for the boyfriend bargain to endure. A full, family day out at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, for a teddy bear’s picnic in the sticky, 24’C, summer-in-the-city climate. This was me before setting out this morning with standard day-wear face on, prepped with the post shave balm…..

You were expecting an end of day photo? I did plan on it I promise….and then I had a nap! Oooooops. Seriously though. This stuff is AH-mazing!!!! I didn’t touch up ALL day. My foundation went on super smoothly over the balm, and it didn’t budge. Admittedly, by 7pm (post nap), I did have a little shine. But it was the kind of shine I would normally get after just one hour, so to be at this point after 10 hours is, quite possibly, nothing short of a miracle. This is going in my daily routine, for sure.

So, makes it so good? In short, glycerine. And lots of it. The high concentration of glycerine acts like glue for your base to stick to. Don’t be fooled into thinking this makes the balm sticky or uncomfortable though. Quite the opposite. The liquid-y balm soaks effortless into the skin with a cool, refreshing feel. The slight manly scent disappears and, within seconds, it’s ready for your foundation. Buff it on and get on with your day. LOVE.

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm available from most pharmacies and supermarkets £5.35. I picked up mine from superdrug – currently half price at £2.67 for 100ml. 


  1. This is a great review! So tempted to try this, especially since it’s loads cheaper than most the primers I buy… Still gonna wait for payday though haha.

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  2. I know that Nikkie Tutorials recommends it and was wondering whether it would be worth trying so it is nice to see someone putting it to the test as well. Definitely cheaper alternative to most primers too.

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  3. Hi! Just read your review & am going to give this a try as I have not yet found a primer that makes my foundation stay put!! Great review!! 👍


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