Get your [ski] pants on!

Oh yes, you heard me right. Thanks to fashion powerhouse Marni, that 80s fave, the ski pant is back in the spotlight this fall. And I predict they are going to be a huge runway to real life success.

Do not however, mistake the stirruped lovelies as a replacement for your trusty black leggings. These are not footless tights. They are serious trousers. Ski pants should only be attempted if the following rules are obeyed;

1. They should skim the body, not be tight or cling to every lump and bump

2. Don’t be afraid of colour. Berry, emerald, navy and winter white will look effortlessly chic

3. A centre seem will elongate the body and help avoid ‘inverted triangle legs’

4. Make sure your underwear is seemless and well fitting

5. Throw on a bejewelled trophy jumper, some pointy heeled court shoes and walk like a badass!

Claire ❤️

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