Nailed the Olympics – house of Holland Gym Bag Nail

Team GB are are going from strength to strength in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Current medal count at 61 with a massive 25 golds, 22 silver and 14 bronze. 

Big sporting events tend to start micro trends in fashion and beauty. Most I’ve been seeing are based on the classic Brazilian brights, with tonnes of neon greens, yellows and blues. I was looking for something a bit different to try, but still get in the sporty vibe. When I spotted these House of Holland sport themed nails, I just had to get them.


house of holland gym bag nails

These are glue on nails by Elegant Touch and Designed House of Holland. The Gym Bag designs include football, tennis, American football, basketball, pool and baseball. They are super fun and look great on. Although, I must admit, I normally keep my nails short and rarely wear fakes, I’m finding it difficult to type and use my phone! Not sure long nails are really for me, but I’ve enjoyed wearing them all the same and they definitely provoke some funny reactions from people when you wear them out. Normally involving girls staring, trying to make out what the designs are.

Would definitely consider wearing other house of Holland nails for a party or event. They have some really cool, fun designs.


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