Thursday Tricky Trend 100 layers of make up – strobing

Weird? Yes. Fun? Absolutely! Bloggers and vloggers sporting 100 layers of make up just keep on going.
Never one to miss out on a controversial trend, I thought I’d try 100 layers of strobing.
I’ve used Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked highlighter in golden lights. The video shows how I would normally apply this type of highlighter to create a strobing effect so, although the challenge is a bit of silly fun, you should get some highlighter tips out of watch the vid as well.


Pretty ridiculous huh?! This isn’t just a tricky trend, it’s just plain madness. It felt really gross on my skin, even after just a few layers and there was powder everywhere! Took a bit of getting off too, about 4-5 cream cleansing sessions and some micellar water and my skin still doesn’t feel totally clean yet. What a strange trend.

One thing I was impressed by, was how little of the product I actually used up. I guess these baked powder are so pigmented I didn’t need much for each layer. So no big financial loss to give this a go. Just half an hour of my life I’ll never get back!

What strobing is supposed to look like…

Not quite the same is it?! Haha.

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  1. What a fun video! You are definitely braver and more patient than me. I don’t think I would have been able to stand more than about three or four layers on my skin. I love your haircut, by the way. (I heard you mention in the video that it’s newish.) It looks super cute on you.

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  2. Brilliant video Claire. First one of your blogs I’ve watched. You’re a natural. I’m following you now so look forward to watching more. Hope you’re well xx


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