Malibu legs

I’m putting it out there. I hate fake tan. I’ve tried, I really have. Gradual tans, shower in tans, mousses, creams, the lot. I hate them all with their awful smells and streaky results. What a faff. 

So it goes without saying, that when I get a real tan, I want to make it last as long as humanly possible before the winter pale sets in. This involves a lot of skin preparation before travelling – exfoliating, moisturising, that sort of thing, and most importantly of all: a tanning accelerator/prolonger.

For years, my go to was Lancaster’s Tan Maximiser and it did a sterling job. I would use it as an after sun each day of my holiday and sure enough, my tan would be a deep, golden brown and last to some degree, well into the October half term. So, ‘why change?’ you ask. Well, the £21 price tag, if I’m honest. It’s an amazing product it really is, but it is a lot for 150ml and it’s getting more & more difficult to get hold of. None of the department stores near me stock Lancaster anymore, so it’s the airport or nothing.

What I liked about the Lancaster accelerator is that it contains no self tan. It just states that it enhances melanin production. Quite how, I’m not sure as I could never find out the active ingredient and could never find nothing else on the high street that claimed to do the same job. Until now!

Wondering around my local Savers store, before my holiday and I spotted a Malibu product called Miracle Tan. Claims to accelerate and prolong your tan using citrus flavonoids to enhance melanin production. No fake tan! So I grabbed a couple of tubes and decided to give it a go for my upcoming holiday to Marbella. Oh and did I mention it’s only £2.99 for 150ml. Gotta be worth a try right?!

 Results: The cream itself is lovely and light. It smells kind of cucumbery and sinks into the skin really nicely. I used it once a day for 3 days leading up to my hols and as an after sun each day, after sun bathing. I’ve used it a bit since coming home too – in fact it says you can use all year round to maintain some level of colour. I was really pleased with the results. I didn’t burn at all while away and seemed to go the same kind of colour I always did with the Lancaster. I’ll definately be buying again for the price, although I would say, after reading Which? reports on Malibu SPF creams, I wouldn’t recommend those as I hear they do not offer the correct level of UVA/UVB protection.

Tanned legs til Christmas? Might be wishful thinking 😉


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