Budget hair dye – Schwarzkopf Poly Color Medium Brown 

I don’t think there’s a home hair colour brand I haven’t tried over the years. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen my natural colour since about 1994, so that shows how many times I’ve coloured my hair! 

I very rarely have my colour done at a salon. The brands I use at home do vary depending on the colour I’m after, but there is one I always come back to when I want to cover my greying roots back to a medium brown, and that is Schwartzkopf Poly Color Tint. And it’s only £2!!! Ridiculous!! 

I find it gives a natural looking shiny colour that covers grey better than any other home Color I’ve tried. Some just seem to cover the greys for a few days and then they start poking back through. Annoying.

I’m not going to tell you how to suck eggs by going through how to mix it up and apply it.  If you’ve used home colour before, they’re all pretty much the same. I will point out however that it doesn’t come with an after care conditioner so you’ll need to have a colour specific intensive conditioner to hand to use as a treatment after you rinse out your colour. No biggy though, I picked up this Vidal Sassoon colour extender for dark hair from Poundland!

Some general tips for hair colouring at home:

1. Invest in a tinting brush and bowl so you can do you roots with precision 

2. Only colour your roots if you are staying the same colour to avoid colour build up

3. If you are undecided between two shades, choose the lighter 

4. If you have short hair or are only colouring your roots you may be able to get two uses from each box. Just squeeze out half the tint and developer into your tinting bowl and mix

5. Don’t forget to set a timer for your colour 

6. Rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse again

Here’s a before and after of my roots. I honestly can’t recommend this colour enough if it’s natural Shades you are after

Not a grey in sight



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