Nodel Revolution

Nodel [nod-l] noun; fashion industry slang for a person who is not a model.
Is a real change in how we consume fashion really upon us at last? It’s been creeping in on the catwalks for a couple of years. Consumers have been screaming about it for years. Even Barbie is in on it. But is the rise of the nodel a real sign that the industry is on the cusp of a permanent, major change?
 I don’t really like the term ‘Real Women’. Traditionally chosen model types, with size 8 frames and legs up to their armpits are still real women. There are women who have bodies like models out there and they deserve to be represented. The point is, we should ALL be represented. Barbie now comes in petite, curvy and tall. We embrace every race in fashion and lots of designers go for models that don’t have the classic model ‘look’ – think; buzz cuts, bigger noses, fuller eyebrows, imperfect teeth – that sort of thing.  We want to see a whole host of women up there, fronting fashion.
I believe women also want to see how the clothes really look on different body types. We can really tailor the trends of a season to suit our body types, creating style that’s as individual as we are. So instead of looking at a page of a high fashion glossy magazine and thinking ‘it’ll never look like that on me’, how refreshing would it be to see a girl with a similar size and height to you and truly see how they rock a trend. To see how the clothes fit and hang on different shape bodies. We are the ones who buy and wear fashion after all. I think the industry is still missing a trick.

5ft 2in. Size 10. Not a model


  1. Thanks for the like on my post. I like your post, too!
    Body issues, body shaming, and representation… ‘right on!’ to the message of this post and hopefully the ‘trend’ continues.
    (I’m following you, hopefully you’ll follow me now, too.)

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  2. True, nice post. It’s the woman inside that releases through the outfit otherwise it is just fabric on a hanger. Regardless of size, type, race etc., it’s more important for a person to ‘be bold, be brave and be you’. Going to follow your blog. cheers VW

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