Short hair don’t care

I saw a friend of mine last year, she had always had long, auburn hair. Sometimes with – sometimes without a fringe but her long hair was essentially  gorgeous. When I saw her, she had recently had all her hair chopped into a super cool pixie with a sweeping fringe. Oh my goodness, she looked incredible! 

After, I couldn’t stop thinking about how great her short hair looked and how I would love to have short hair but convinced myself: I didn’t have the guts, I would not be attractive anymore, I would regret it….. All excuses for ‘I’m too shit scared’.  Even though my friend told me it was one of the best things she’d ever done, I found myself telling her how brave I thought she was. She quipped, ‘I’m not brave, it’s only hair!’. The more I thought about it, I began to question why I was so scared to go for the chop.

The truth was, I hid behind my hair. Like a comfort blanket, I held onto my long mane, growing it even longer during more stressful times, almost in attempt to sheild myself from any potential hurt. I was also never fully comfortable with how my face looked – ie. Not very symmetrical and rather large crooked nose. This is something I don’t feel half as much, maybe now I am older. I have become a lot more accepting of my looks and don’t seem to beat myself over the head with my imperfections anymore.

Finally, I hate to admit this, but for years I had bought into the notion that to be a beautiful, sexy woman, I must have long flowing locks. I now see this is a ridiculous and old fashioned opinion and although I have only had my pixie cut for less than 24 hours, I can’t tell you how liberated and light I feel. A good day.
Have you ever been tempted to cut all your have you long hair cut short?


Classic long pixie cut with tapered neck and side parting


Before & after  

Before – long hair   
 Short hair inspo: Anne Hathaway, Emma Willis and Michelle Williams 



  1. I REALLY want a pixie cut but with my curly hair, it’ll look like a complete mess. I will look like a poodle on crack. I will have to settle for jealously coveting everyone else’s. It only seems to work on straight hair

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  2. It is freeing, isn’t it? I just chopped 6″ off mine, so now it’s above the shoulders with short layers. I felt very “First Lady” at first, but now I am appreciating it more. I feel a bit bouncier, but it is hard to not feel like you lost your sexiness, as you say. Long hair can be a security blanket.

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  3. Love the short hair! I haven’t gone as short as a pixie but I have chopped my middle of my back mane into a chin length bob. Once I did it I can’t stop. I will grow my hair out, it’s longer right now, then chop it all off. It’s so liberating how that feels. 🙂

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