Oldie but a goodie – Carmex lip balm

I’ve done a couple of these oldie but goodie posts now (read them here & here). These are classic products that have stood the test of time and are easily available in supermarkets or pharmacies.

It can be easy to get swept away with the hype of the latest IT product in beauty and therefore dismiss those regular items you see as boring or old fashioned. But, for many, there is a reason these products have been bestsellers for years and years. Because they work. And, most of the ones I use and love, tend to be a total bargain too – what’s not to like! 

So, this weeks oldie but goodie: Carmex Classic Moisturising Lip Balm.

 The last few weeks, my lips have been getting a little dry, flaky and starting to crack. Probably due to a combo of colder weather (that wind lately here in Birmingham is getting on my nerves!), central heating at home and air conditioning at work. Peeling lips is not a good look when I want to be coveting the latest brick red or burgundy lipstick at this time of year! I set about nipping it in the bud double quick by picking up a lip balm that I knew was upto the task. 

Carmex lip balms, have been around for donkeys. Their super thick balm – almost ointment like – really does feel soothing on the lips. Then, after applying, you start to get the warming menthol tingle. Not everyone will like this, but I think it actually makes the lips look plumper, which is a total bonus. After just a few days of using this, my sore, flaky lips are a thing of the past.  The packaging is a bit retro and fun too, with the yellow and red, makes you feel like you’re using a real classic. Well, it has been going since 1937. I’ll definitely be keeping this lip balm in the bottom of my handbag for the winter.

I like the tube version, but my daughter prefers the cute little tin, where the balm is a little firmer. You can also get cherry flavour and a couple of others fruity ones, but the original is still my fave. I picked up this twin tube pack for just £1.99 and the tin £1.49 from Savers!



  1. I love using this in the stick. I’m reapplying lip balm every couple hours for most products, but this is the one I use at night and always wake up with moisturized lips and a little bit of product still on my lips!

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