Pound store bargain! Dr J’s Skin Revive Back Spray

Bargain basement time today woohoo. I found this little nugget of fabulousness in my local 99p store – Dr J’s Skin Revive Back Spray.

You may well ask, ‘Who is Dr J??’, I hadn’t ever heard of him (or her) either! 

If, like me, you sometimes get some acne spots on your back, shoulders or chest from time to time, this spray is right up your street. It may only be 99p but the clear spray contains salicylic acid – an spot fighting antibacterial ingredient and exfoliant found in many higher price acne and blemish targeted products, and witch hazel to calm angry breakouts. The spray is not at all greasy, and although it does smell a little like old fashioned hair spray, it does do a great job of speedily helping to clear up those annoying back breakouts, so I can deal with smelling like my Auntie Mary. Just spray on dry skin after showering.

Dr J has just become your new favourite healthcare professional! (if indeed he/she is in fact a real doctor ;))

If you can’t find it in your local 99p store, try onlinepoundstore.co.uk, 99pland.co.uk or chemist direct.co.uk.


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