Getting your beauty sleep? Garnier miracle sleeping cream

 I sometimes struggle with night creams. They can be too heavy, too tacky and block the pores leading to breakouts. Even with spot prone skin, a night cream is still essential. If the skin is not moisturised well, it can over produce more oils to compensate, causing more blemishes – a lesson I have learnt the hard way.

Anyway, I’ve tried many night creams over the years. Some good, some bad. As, I get older, I want a little more from my night cream than just moisture though. I want it to tackle lines, wrinkles and make my skin look brighter.

Currently, there has been a lot of hype about Hyaluronic Acid as an active ingredient in anti ageing beauty products. Found naturally in the collagen of our skin, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by holding up to 1000 times its own weight in water – also making it super hydrating. Sounds great yeah?

So, I set off in search of an affordable night cream containing this ‘It’ ingredient. I spent about an hour in boots, reading all the backs of the pots and boxes. I swear, the security man on the door thought I was about to run off with a stash inside my coat. I finally settled on Garniers Miracle Sleeping Cream. A bargain at £12.99 (currently on offer at £9.99) . Especially, as it not only contains the Hyaluronic acid, but this is included in a complex of 7 anti-ageing ingredients to address sun damage, exfoliate, unclog pores, smooth out lines and brighten dull skin.

Does it do this? Pretty well actually, for the price. Dispite it’s name, I wasn’t expecting miracles but this is a really nice night cream. Having used it for a few weeks now, it has not caused any breakouts and makes my skin really glow on waking up. I like the cream/gel texture and distinct Garniers scent. My skin seems smoother when I put my make up on the next day. I have no idea yet if it will improve my lines long term but I’ll definitely be buying this one again. Maybe you don’t have to spend a fortune to get these wonder ingredients in your skincare routine. Success #happyface.


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