First impressions – Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

Do you believe in magic? I do! I do! Well, when it comes in the form of Charlotte Tilbury’s long awaited Magic Foundation. After wearing it for just a couple of days, I could wait to spill the beans on the latest make up must have.

Having struggled to find a foundation that ticks all the boxes I require, I was excited to try a foundation that promises to be medium to full coverage with no cakeyness, satin but control shine and be able to make acne, rosecea and fine lines disappear. Personally, I have uneven skin tone due to sun damage, moderate adult acne and fine lines due to being, er….35 (shhh). This foundation had some task ahead of it.

So does it live up to the massive hype? Hell yeah. Not only does it look fantastic on, and deal with a multitude of sins, but it is also a joy to use. The liquid foundation is thick and creamy but blends really nicely. I applied with my fingers and then buffed in using my ecotools skin perfecting brush. It feels super comfortable on the skin and not tacky like some foundations. My pores looked erased, I needed minimal concealer for my more obvious blemishes and my skin tone evened. By the time I’d applied the rest of my make up, my skin had never looked better.

Throughout the day I checked up on my new complexion, and I’m pleased to say it held up better than any other foundation I’ve used (and I’ve tried a lot), however my nose did need a little powder by lunch. I do get a very oily t-zone, so this is no surprise to be honest, I’m yet to find any beauty or make up product that completely combats that. This foundation does perform really well though on comparison.

Are there any other cons? Only the lid. A minor complaint I know but it’s already starting to irritate me. I can’t explain it, it just doesn’t fit right and feels cheap in comparison to the rest of the bottle/packaging/product.

The pros far out way any niggles for me though. I can’t speak for the long term promises on improving Overall condition of the skin yet, but I have high hopes.  Definitely a favourite to add to my permanent make up bag!


my bare skin
with charlotte tilbury magic foundation


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