Chanel rouge noir is back baby!

Rewind back to 1995. Brit pop is everywhere, parka coats are rife and everyone is talking about the coolest film around – pulp fiction. In particular [if you are a girl], you would have been talking about how Uma Thurman as Mrs Mia Wallace, was now your ultimate style crush.

What happened next was a turning point is my teenage beauty journey. That nail varnish worn by Thurman in the movie – I NEEDED it. I read about it in every fashion magazine – Chanel Rouge Noir 18 (or Vamp, as it was then known). I was 15 and begged my mother for the £11 to buy it. When I finally beat her down, I skipped off to Rackhams department store in Birmingham to purchase my first ever designer make up item – eeek. I came out crushed. I was almost laughed at by the Chanel counter lady. Apparently, everyone else in the world wanted this nail varnish too and there was a waiting list as long as Mr Tickles arm.

Undeterred, every Saturday, I would go to the department store, until, one sweet day, I got my hands on the silky red/black polish. Obsessed was not the word. I worn it so much, my finger nails were almost stained rouge noir. It’s gorgeous richness means it’s a colour I’ve never really stopped wearing and thee has definitely always been a little bottle of this deep nectar in my nail collection. And, it seems, it’s having a bit of a moment again, which is fine by me! If you’ve never tried Rouge Noir, now is the time to rock the cult nail polish, with your favourite dark lipstick and moody winter wardrobe. You won’t regret it.



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