Oldie but a goodie – pears soap

Pears soap

pears soap is a total beauty classic. created back in 1789, this translucent bar has had the same secret formula since then – with the exception of a short blip back in 2010, when the ingredients changed. there was a public outcry on Facebook and pears were forced to go back to their original formula, featuring the classic ‘English garden’ scent.

the amber bar is a favourite in our house. you’ll always find one on the side of the bath. it was designed to purify the skin without damaging it. the soap has a lovely look which doesn’t spoil and go mushy at all during use. i love that is delicate enough for all the family to use and not drying on the skin at all.

pears are currently running a competition to find the ‘pears timeless beauty’. Entry can be made via Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PearsEurope/posts/518244735006816:0

pears soap can be picked up at your local supermarket or pharmacy for around 59p – total bargain!



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