Overnight spot patches – do they work?

at 35, i should be well over my teenage breakout years by now, but the spots just keep coming. it’s crap to be honest. they tend to be hormonal, so linked to my cycle, giving me cystic spots along my jawline, neck and around my temples. in addition to these incredibly painful spots, i still get an oily t zone, enlarged pores, blackheads and the occasional pimple on my cheek, nose or forehead. paint a pretty picture don’t i?! 

i’m definitely not alone though, around 80% of adult acne cases affect women. i manage mine moderate acne with a cocktail of pharmacy and over the counter products so was excited to try these overnight spot patches.

place one of these clear patches over the spot (on clean skin obvs) and the tea tree and grape seed will get to work on reducing the size and life span of your spot. so, do they work? well – not really. i was a little disappointed to be honest. I’ve tried them on a few different occasions now, and on different types of blemishes; cystic, pimples, whiteheads etc. but I’ve never noticed a real improvement the next day. personally a get better results using a nicotinamide gel such as freederm for overnight on angry breakouts.  these type of patches maybe ok for those with less severe acne though?

have you tried blemish patches before? what do you find reduces your breakouts overnight?


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