Garnier micellar water – are you convert?


i know, i know. i’m a little late on the micellar water front. i’ve held off til now because i love the cleanser i already use. i could imagine anything that could replace the comforting, creaminess of my hot cloth cleanser. i was right, this doesn’t – but micellar water does have a place on my nightstand, and I’ll tell you why….

to be honest, I just tried this garnier micellar water out of curiosity. there’s been so much hype about these new cleansers that the curiosity finally got the better of me. the theory is that the water attracts dirt and make up, giving your skin a superior cleanse without any of the stinging, drying or rinsing that come with other cleansers. it started in France apparently, as a solution to the hard water that the ladies did not want to wash their faces in. and i do love it, but not for everyday.

after soaking a cotton pad with the water i swished it over my face before bed. it removed all my make up – like every, tiny, little bit. even my mascara which i would normally use a separate eye make up remover for. my skin was left squeaky clean and soft – not dry, and icouldn’t feel any residue. i still love my fave cream hot cloth cleanser for daily use, but I will definately be keeping this to hand for after heavy nights out, weekends away and when i want my skin super clean before using masks or other treatments. and it’s so cheap! this mini bottle was just 95p from Savers. winner!

have any of you beauty lovers made the switch to micellar water?

Micellar water


  1. Hi Beautyhound! Thanks for stopping by my little blog, thezorbfiles! When I saw this post, I had to throw my two cents in!

    I’ve always used Vichy, which I lovelovelove, but really hurt the pocketbook at $18. Tried a couple others that were cheaper, but didn’t come close to Vichy’s cleansing efficiency. Since I also love many of Garnier’s products, when I saw this at my local pharmacy for 1/3 the cost of Vichy, I had to give it a try. Not bad. Not bad at all. Not as good as my Vichy — it’s a little oily — but when I need to tighten the purse strings, I’ll look for Garnier’s micellar water. Good find!

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