No7 skincare reviews – protect & perfect serum, lift & luminate day cream

No7 skincare

i tried protect and perfect serum by no7 when it first arrived a few years ago.  the texture of the serum was lovely and i saw a definate difference in fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. so, i’m not sure why i stopped using it to be honest! i’ve had other serums since and they’re no where near as good as protect and perfect.

fast forward a couple of years, no7 have released their advanced formula of the serum. the active ingredients is still matrixyl, but this time matrixyl 3000 – to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collegian production and repairing the skin.

after trying it again this week, i’ve fallen in love all over again. obviously,  it’s way to early to say it’s had an anti ageing effect. but, just the texture, smell and how it glides on my skin are enough to make me happy for now.

while at the no.7 counter, i picked up a new day cream too, as i was running scarily low on my usual. now, there is a protect and perfect day cream, but i decided to opt for the lift and luminate day moisturiser instead, and here’s why.

the counter lady advised me the the lift and luminate contains different anti ageing ingredients – avobenzone 3%, octinoxate 5%, octocrylene 1%. so, i thought, i’ll be clever and have the protect and perfect serum and the lift and luminate day cream, giving two sets of anti ageing ingredients! sneeky huh?! well, maybe not. when i got home and researched these active ingredients in the lift and luminate, I realised that they are more sunscreens than repairing type ingredients.

a little disappointed, I thought I’ll give it a go anyway. all those sunscreens will be good for preventing future damage! the cream itself is light, smells super fresh and really does give and luminated look to the skin. lifted though? i didn’t feel it tighten the skin in anyway, but the fact it luminates does make your face look more lifted.

think i’ll stick with for now and update here in about 4 weeks of using both to see if there are any longer term changes in my fine lines and skin tone.

let me know what you think of the no7 skincare ranges

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