Do you think I have a problem?

I was having a little sort out today of my make up and skincare. I say little sort, more like I lost 4 hours of my life going through this lot on my bed. I think it’s almost an addiction. I LOVE LOVE LOVE trying out any type skincare, make up and hair treatments. New products, old classics, even mundane toiletries – I love them all and it’s starting to show; I can barely fit it all in my house. There’s more than just what you see here in this picture; more skincare in the bathroom, more nail polishes in a draw, more make up in my handbag. I dread to think how much it all cost.

How much make up?
How much make up



So, I try these products. Some I like, some I don’t. Instead of just sharing these my thoughts among friends and family, I’ve decided to share my tried and tested favourites with you. Hopefully you’ll not only enjoy reading the reviews and watching videos on beauty products I’ve tried, but I hope you will be able to share and get involved too, giving us a community of women who can sniff out the latest hot lipstick or bargain cleanser a mile off.

The beauty hound blog is spawned.


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